Warm Welcome

“Warm welcome to the 1st Growth Europe Summit”

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”center”]by Hendrik Lennarz[/text_block]

Hendrik Lennarz

Hi, my name is Hendrik Lennarz, founder of the Growth Hacking Academy and the initiator of the Growth Europe Summit.

I published a framework focussing on customer centric product development, scaling business models, targeted online-marketing and high-speed execution Growth teams. This „Growth Hacking process V2.0“ is used by international startups and corporates as step-by-step guide for sustainable Growth.
My working experience is based on 10 years working as CTO/CPO at Trusted Shops, where I built up the tech- and product stack from scratch, up to a team-size of 50 people and to a customer base of 25.000 online retailers across Europe.
Nowadays I used to help startups and corporate teams learning how to implement a Growth Hacking spirit in their own environment.
Enjoy the Summit and focus on execution! Cheers, Hendrik

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Contact Hendrik!

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Growth Hacking Process V2.0

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Show notes:

Duration: approx. 9:00 min

Category: Welcome

Chat / Discussions: Growth Europe Summit Facebook Group

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