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Hendrik, new day – new experiments…

Find your next Growth Hack and start it as new experiment.

This is the magic list..

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Initiative-Q: 11+1 things you can learn from the best Growth Hack 2018

3 / 5 ( 1 vote ) The last 2-3-4 days have been quite interesting for all Growth Hackers, that weren´t celebrating their weekend with being offline. Initiative Q is[…]

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Was ist Growth Hacking?

What the F**k is Growth Hacking?

4 / 5 ( 2 votes ) You can´t imagine how many times I´ve got asked, when and how I came across the term “Growth Hacking” the first time. The[…]

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Growth Europe Summit

Growth Europe Summit – Facts and Figures

5 / 5 ( 1 vote ) After performing more than 80 coaching sessions with my Growth Hacking Academy in 2017, I realized that I need a scaling product to be[…]

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Europe’s Top Growth Hackers – Your complete guide to Growth Hacking

5 / 5 ( 2 votes ) How often have I answered the question “Hendrik, how have you heard about Growth Hacking the first time”? No idea. Just a few[…]

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Growth Hacking Corporates

Growth Hacking in a startup vs in a company

Good news for all Growth Hackers. Our favorite topic “Growth Hacking” comes over more and more. Welcome in Europe! I´m getting daily emails with requests for interviews, guest postings, speaking[…]

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Getting up early is for winners!

Good morning, it´s 5.30am in Cologne/Germany right now. After I prepared the 5am milk for our beautiful baby girl, I got up. Stupid idea? No, not really. Honestly, the best survival[…]

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What are the best Growth Hacking ideas for B2B?

I wonder myself, why so many Growth Hackers ask especially for “Growth Hacks for b2b“? Is there really a difference? Between what – SaaS, B2C, B2B? Anyway – I try[…]

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My Growth Hacking Challenge @Startplatz / Cologne

After my slides was featured on the slideshare-frontpage about my Growth Hacking Challenge, I gathered more than 25.000 views in less than 3 days – here comes the video (German[…]

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Growth Hack: How to use NPS to wake up sleeping Free users…

All Growth Hackers who are offering a Free offer or a Free-Trial period on their websites have the same problem, converting the free users into satisfied paid users. Onboarding funnels,[…]

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User Onboarding with automated emails

For all Growth Hackers and Growth Managers it is common sense, User Onboarding is the biggest challenge after they registered on your website. I want to give you some examples[…]

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Pricing Page Optimization is psycho stuff!

You can´t believe which impact designing the right pricing page can have on your website´s conversion rates. Are you already testing you´re packages, prices, designs in Growth Hacking style? Perfect,[…]

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Growth Hacker

Hey Mom, hey Dad – I´m a Growth Hacker!

In January 2014 I read a post on techcrunch “Defining A Growth Hacker: Growth Is Not A Marketing Strategy”. I remember quite well, that the keyword “Growth Hacker” was the only[…]

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Growth Manager

Growth Manager vs. Growth Hacker

My last Growth Hacking presentation contains a slide where I made a differentiation between “Growth Hackers” and “Growth Managers”. A topic I had in my mind first time 12 months[…]

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Implementing Growth

Implementing Growth: Set only one company goal!

Implementing Growth is not that easy, as it seams to be. For every company, startup whatever there are different goals to achieve. But the idea behind “Growth Management” is, to[…]

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