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Live Video streaming of 17 excellent Growth Hacking sessions.

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Top Growth Hackers from Germany, The Netherlands, Israel, Belgium, Canada, USA and Switzerland share their magic Growth Hacking strategies.

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17 Top Growth experts speaking for you…

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Ben Harmanus

Principal Marketing Manager EMEA / HubSpot

“Why crises unleash the disrupters of the future”

Alexander Müller

CEO & Owner of GEDANKENtanken

“How to scale up your business successfully”

Dr. Natalia Wiechowski

LinkedIn marketing PRO

“How to growth hack LinkedIn without getting blocked”

Karl Gilis

The G in AGConsult

“The 1 thing you need to do to double your revenue”


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– proven growth hacking techniques
– advice around building a growth culture
– enterprise and startup growth case studies
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We are happy to announce 13 more Top Growth Experts that will inspire you with their best kept Growth secrets. 

Hendrik Lennarz

Founder and Host Growth Europe Summit

“10 Growth Hacking Evergreens for you”

Andy Bruckschlögl

Co-Founder of Ryte, Bits & Pretzels and Ephny

“Online Brand Building”

Liraz Margalit

PhD, Behavioral Economics, Product Design, Habit Forming & User Experience 

“How Emotions Shape Brand Experience”

Talia Wolf

Founder GetUplift

“Why people just aren’t that into your funnel”

Kevin Indig

VP SEO & CONTENT @G2 & Startup Mentor @GermanAccelerator

“How to navigate Google’s transition from search to answer machine”

Ben Sufiani

Growth Marketer & Founder of Pirate Skills

“Validating your Business Ideas at Scale”

Georgiana Laudi

SaaS marketing & growth advisor, Forget the Funnel co-founder

“Customer-Led Growth”

Christian Lau

Technology Leader – start-up, Fortune 500, pro sports and live events/concert 

“Next Level Guest Experience”

Els Aerts

Tha A in AGConsult

“The Lost Art of Asking Questions”

Chris Out

Managing Partner & Lead Growth Hacker @ RockBoost

“The secret of Growth Hacking Corporate Startups – from idea to multimillion euro launches”

Tarek Reslan

International Growth Hacking Trainer at Growth Tribe

“Growth Hacking – Power Session”

Ruben Portz

Head of Growth at Seneca Learning

“Loops, Funnels, and the Future of Growth”

André Morys

Founder & CEO of konversionsKRAFT / Managing Partner GO Group Digital

“Digital Marketing In Uncertain Times”

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