Maximize your personal outcome of the Growth Europe Summit 2020

Only a few days left until the Growth Hacking event of the year will start. 2 days that can help you growing faster than your competitors.

Your chance to win…

We are giving away 3 VIP Tickets for the Growth Europe Summit 2020 (Free tickets are available here). Each VIP Ticket has a 99€ value. The VIP Ticket allows you to rewatch all of the GES keynotes, at any time. That way, you can maximize your personal outcome of the event.

You win, if…

You post this Image on your favorite Social Media accounts. So that we can find you please use the hashtag #GES2020 , ok?

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The Growth Europe Summit starts 18/6 at 10am. We will notify the winners before the event starts.

Download this picture and share it on social media to win…