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Why our Growth Hacking trainings are different?

Online-Marketing, Social Media, Design Thinking & Agile workshops are spreading like crazy. But how do you decide on which training program is best for you?



Hendrik´s Growth Hacking experience is based on 10 years working as CTO/CPO at Trusted Shops, where he built up the tech- and product stack and a team of 50+ people.
First besides and starting full-time in 2016 Hendrik´s „Growth Hacking process V3.0“ framework and coachings serve as step-by-step guide for sustainable Growth for startups and corporates across Europe.



All of our training formats ensure that we will work on your individual projects and questions, instead of just providing ideas and tools randomly. All concepts and all ideas will be proofed, if they are applicable to your individual business-cases. For typical Growth challenges like website, business-modeling, lead sourcing, marketing channels or Growth team organization we´ll scribble individual solutions.

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You´ll learn how to use the Growth Hacking process V3.0, containing 100+ Growth Hacking ideas. But our training program ensures, that you´ll not be overwhelmed by too many ideas. Instead you´ll take away your individual Top-3 Growth Hacks and will start execution right away in the training. That is the power of the Growth Hacking spirit.

Infect your team with the Growth Hacking spirit

Your ideas, your features, your campaigns – all your Growth Hacks want to be executed. But in your company it is not possible to execute them? Too many issues get in the way? 

You have no idea where to start?
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  • 25+ Growth Hacking online sessions
  • From Top Growth Hackers across Europe
  • Instant access
  • Access to private community (450+ Growth Hacker)
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Single Coaching

  • 2,5 hours private coaching
  • Remote via Skype or hangout
  • I will (try to) answer ALL your questions
  • Access to private community (450+ Growth Hacker)
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  • 1-4 days individual team coaching
  • Idea validation, product, Growth Marketing, Execution
  • 100% guarantee for Growth Hacking spirit infection
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