Pricing Page Optimization is psycho stuff!

You can´t believe which impact designing the right pricing page can have on your website´s conversion rates. Are you already testing you´re packages, prices, designs in Growth Hacking style? Perfect, then you will find some good ideas for your upcoming test period. You are not testing, because you know that your pricing page is already…
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Growth Hacker

Hey Mom, hey Dad – I´m a Growth Hacker!

In January 2014 I read a post on techcrunch “Defining A Growth Hacker: Growth Is Not A Marketing Strategy”. I remember quite well, that the keyword “Growth Hacker” was the only reason why I clicked on the title, when it came around via Twitter, Facebook or whatever. While reading the post I was wondering myself “Is…
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Growth Manager

Growth Manager vs. Growth Hacker

My last Growth Hacking presentation contains a slide where I made a differentiation between “Growth Hackers” and “Growth Managers”. A topic I had in my mind first time 12 months ago and wrote it down in my eBook. When I think about it myself or discuss about it with my collegues it becomes more and…
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Implementing Growth

Implementing Growth: Set only one company goal!

Implementing Growth is not that easy, as it seams to be. For every company, startup whatever there are different goals to achieve. But the idea behind “Growth Management” is, to set Growth Hacking as number one company goal. Easy? No.