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We help you growing your ideas by sharing our secret Growth hacking tactics continuously via Podcast (Spotify, iTunes, Soundcloud) and Youtube.

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Too many questions in terms of business modelling, target groups, marketing channels, sales, team setup, tracking, …are coming up?

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Growth Hacking is a process (V3.0)

The „Growth Hacking process V3.0“ framework serves as step-by-step guide for sustainable Growth. Used by 200+ startups and corporates across Europe.

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In a world where every brand fights for attention, marketers are most likely to keep their best practices to themselves. That’s why I love the concept of GrowthEurope. They enable growth hackers all over the globe to connect and share their best ideas in an empowering environment. Experts and rookies get together in one place, to reach one and the same goal: Become the best at their craft.

Daniela Wassmer

Founder of Qult Media

„Hendrik is so experienced in launching new products. He  loves sharing his best practices and F**k Ups, too. That makes his coaching sessions valuable for every startup, because you can save a lot of time.

Sascha Kampschulte

Startup: MyLivingTree

“Hendrik is an amazing inspiration! Visit his live webinar or the interactive boot camp if you want to learn great tips and tricks on how to growth hack your business!”

Rens van Daalen

Joined Bootcamp Amsterdam