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14th - 18th May 2018

14th – 18th May 2018

Join 5 days with 25+ hours real Growth Hacking experience. Learn how to leverage sustainable Growth. 100% real business insights.

25 leading Growth Experts

Top Growth Hackers from Germany, France, the Netherlands, Austria, UK and for sure from US,  …share their magic Growth Hacks and for sure their F*ck Ups, too.

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Learn the magic behind Growth Hacking from 25+ unique perspectives. What is the secret behind Europe´s best Growth stories?



We try to win the very best Growth Hackers across Europe. All sessions will be hold in English.

Kevin Indig

SEO Ninja – Atlassian

Kevin is a Growth Marketer with strong background in SEO. He runs technical SEO @ Atlassian and mentors start-ups in and outside the German Accelerator. In the past 10 years, Kevin helped companies acquire +100M users.

Talia Wolf

Conversion Specialist – GetUplift

As founder at GetUplift, Talia uses customer-centric conversion optimization, emotional targeting and persuasion to generate more revenues, leads and sales for businesses. Talia is a conversion optimization specialist, consultant, trainer and speaker. She’s taught on stages such as Google, MozCon, CTAconf, Search Love and many more and was recently listed as one of the most influential experts in conversion optimization.

Justin Wu

Founder – Blocknauts

Justin is a growth marketer and founder of Blocknauts, a growth agency looking to help launch blockchain companies. In terms of growth, he’s helped brands achieve over $3m in Kickstarter, 500k downloads in the app store and taken SaaS companies to over $100k MRR / $1MM ARR. Previously he founded several startups with various levels of success & failures. He also shares daily tips on growth hacks & insights on the business side of Blockchain, collaborating with such brands as the Wall St Journal, CES, and NASA.

Ben Sufiani

Growth Marketer – 6Fold

Ben Sufiani is Founder of 6Fold. Ben helps founders find traction and growth faster since more than five years.

Vidar Andersen

Entrepreneur – blacktar

I’m Vidar @blacktar Andersen and I don’t talk about myself in the third person. I’m a Norwegian hack(er), entrepreneur, startup founder, (micro) investor, educator, learner, speaker, advisor, helping large companies with innovation and digital transformation, and an Internet software veteran currently living near Cologne, Germany (and in airplanes around the world).

Maxime Pico

Founder – Save My Customers

Maxime is a specialist of early stage growth. Testing acquisition channels, setting up the analytics, editing the frontend, it’s when teams are small that you need a Swiss army knife. His broad experience comes from two years of managing a startup accelerator in Paris and working as a Freelance for years, meeting and helping hundreds of companies.

Lars Budde

Digital Marketer –

Lars Budde helps companies to grow their revenue with facebook advertising. His client list includes big brands and far-reaching publishers, but his secret passion is to help the new and upcoming to grow their digital footprint.

Simon Mader

Co-Founder – Adbaker

Simon Mader is Co-Founder of Adbaker, a performance agency with headquarters in Cologne, Germany. Adbaker generates thousands of leads and sales per month in Europe and North America. Simon gained experience in Facebook advertising with core competences in optimizing and scaling campaigns. Currently he is working on a e-learning platform for Facebook Ads called “Adbakery” for the German-speaking area.

André Morys

CEO – Web Arts AG

André Morys is author of the book “Conversion Optimization” and CEO of Web Arts AG – Germany’s leading agency for Conversion Optimization. André Morys is the initiator and founder of the Global Optimization Group – an international network of leading optimizers with more than 200 employees. Articles and interviews by André Morys have been published in t3n, AdZine,, webselling, Website Boosting, InternetWorld and many other magazines.

Andrea D’Ottavio

Founder – Webing Academy

It’s is difficult to understand how to get customers on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn: we’ve got to constantly create content and know how to amplify it to reach our audiences. We need to know which strategies work and how these media work. The solution that worked for me is simple: learn, do, teach. I have been doing this for the past 20 years. I can help you to use social media to grow your business.

Karl Gilis

Conversion Expert – AGConsult

According to PPC Hero, Karl is the number 3 most influential conversion expert in the world. He’s the G in AGConsult, a Belgium-based conversion optimization & usability company. He’s been making websites more successful since 2001. Always based on user research & facts. Karl’s mission in life is to cure marketers and designers who take decisions based on gut feeling and opinions. Karl teaches at several universities in Belgium, speaks at conferences all over the world and is a top-rated trainer at CXL Institute. He works for companies such as Suzuki, TUI, Sony, and Carglass.

Job Plas

User Growth Expert – Eyeo GmbH

Since the parent company of Adblock Plus was founded in 2011, I led the charge in user growth and experienced the many successes (and failures) that come with the territory in such a disruptive and controversial field. I have overseen a massive organic user growth for Adblock Plus from 20 million to 100+ million devices in 4 years.

Tomas Herzberger

Digital Marketing Consultant – Tomas Herzberger

Tomas Herzberger’s mission is to help people to grow their business. He is a freelance digital marketing consultant and interim manager working for startups and innovative companies. He is author of the book “Growth Hacking: More Growth, More Clients, More Success” and mentor at the Goethe University Frankfurt am Main.

Dmitriy Provotorov

Founder – Manufactura Data Driven Digital Products Development

Dmitriy helps companies to grow their revenue, user retention or another KPI with growth-hacking frameworks and the magic of ‘10 000 hours’ work for digital products. Sizer app, which was created under his guidance, became Apple App of the Week and was nominated for The Webby Awards. He worked on products for YOTAPHONE 2, Nikon, HONDA, and Iconpeak. He regularly speaks at IT events of the federal and international level including TEDx, Google Developers Fest, Design Weekend, Dribbble Meetup and the British Higher School of Art and Design.

Chris Out

Lead Growth Hacker – RockBoost

Chris has spoken at industry leading events as CXL Live, Conversion Jam and Conversion Summit. He has developed and is teaching a growth hacking curriculum at one the most prestigious business schools in The Netherlands. RockBoost is an internationally operating agency and has worked on growth for hundreds of companies. With the RockBoost education programs, we build growth teams and accelerate them with hands-on support on site.

Andraž Štalec

CEO/Co-founder – Red Orbit

Andraž Štalec is the CEO and Co-founder of Red Orbit, the leading digital performance agency in Adriatic region. Data, analytics and performance run through his veins. He is also a European search awards judge, Google certified trainer and a regular speaker at major international digital marketing events.

Frédéric Canevet

Blogger & Product Manager – ConseilsMarketing

Frédéric Canevet is Blogger & Product Manager. He started his first blog in 2006, and now his main blog is making 10 000 visitors / day. He is also Product Manager & Growth Hacker for Chatbots & Customer Journey software.

Marcus Tober

CTO/Founder – Searchmetrics

Marcus Tober, just recently awarded among the top 8 “Online Influencers in Digital Marketing” globally.
Marcus Tober is founder and CTO of Searchmetrics and is responsible for the software and product development. He is also one of the leading Global SEO specialists and speaker on many international conferences. Searchmetrics is one of the most successful suppliers of software for search-analytics and content optimization worldwide.

More speakers coming soon…

What you´ll get

You get an unique perspective into how some of the best Growth experts are systematically approaching and scaling sustainable growth.

Learn Growth Hacking Basics

Growth Hacking is still a myth. You will learn everything from all the basic stuff up to the latest business development lucky punch.

Get secret Growth Hacks

If you are looking for just hundreds of Growth Hacking ideas for your Trello board, you´re wrong. Our speakers will provide their curated Growth Hacking lists and can tell you all the confidential figures around.

Listen Growth Stories

You get an unique perspective into how some of the fastest growing companies are systematically approaching and scaling sustainable growth.

Discuss about real “F*CK UPS”

Listening to what´s working is just the easy part. Usually, learning what went wrong is much more effective.

Learn the difference

Find out the difference between going to work…and being passionate making businesses as big as possible.

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Our challenge: Find 25+ international speakers with a seeming Growth Hacking track record, that share their best kept secrets.  Challenge accepted! Our speakers will talk about:


How to leverage user Growth with highly effective Facebook Ad funnels. Avoid burning money.


How content-marketing and storytelling can influence buying decisions of your users.


How to start seperating your target groups in funnels, to nurture leads to paying customers.


How to find and focus the marketing-channel with the best ROI and how to get rid of all others.


Google is dead 2. Not. How to prepare your website from technical and user perspective to gather the “cheap” organic search traffic from Google.


How to find the perfect story. Cause even boring products have secret stories to tell.


Google is dead. Not. Especially for online retailers and niche players, Google Adwords can be still highly effective.


How to convert “expensive” traffic with providing the user exactly what he is looking for.


How to speed up the execution time of your time. Definitely the Growth Hack with the most impact on Growth.


More topics our speakers will talk about:


How to focus on the right things in the different stages of a new product, startup or organizatiojn.How to focus on the right things in the different stages of a new product, startup or organizatiojn.


How to implement the right tools for the right processes. Save time and optimize data management.How to implement the right tools for the right processes. Save time and optimize data management.


How to help your users to find their Aha-moment with your product as soon as possible.How to help your users to find their Aha-moment with your product as soon as possible.


E-Mail Marketing is dead. Bullshit. How to send perfect written emails to the perfect target group. Automated?


How to build a strong brand recognitition, that delivers more sales from new and recurring customers.


How to track, show and analyze user data, so that they help take better decisions what to do next.


Being an excellent leader that is able to motivate teams and to implement the right hacker mindset is not as easy as it seams.

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Who is behind?

Spreading the Growth Hacking Mindset across Europe is only possible with strong collaboration of the Top Growth experts. This is what drives the team behind Growth Europe Summit 2018.

Hendrik Lennarz

Founder Growth Europe Summit

More than 11 years a Growth Hacker, without knowing that his job has such a cool name ;-).

Victoria Blechman-Pomogajko

Event Organizing Specialist

Over 10 years experience in organizing events – from art festivals to startup tech conferences. Keeps it lean.

David Spoida

Project Manager Online Marketing & Growth

Market-oriented thinker loves agility, roadmaps and strategic growth.

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